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The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning
 Published 8/11/2022
Carpet is the most used furniture in a home. It gets the most traffic, which leads to dirt accumulation and wear. To keep your carpet looking new and to prolong its life expectancy, it is essential to maintain it clean. Carpet should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, depending on how much foot traffic is in the home. Between professional cleanings, homeowners should vacuum their carpets at least once per week.
Carpet Cleaning: The Advantages

1. Increases the lifespan of your carpet
A professional Redmond Oregon carpet cleaning service can help extend the carpet’s life. Carpet fibers can become frayed and damaged from dirt, dust, allergens, or other contaminants over time. This will increase the carpet’s lifespan as dirt and other debris can stick to carpets more than carpets that are clean.
Hot water extraction is a common method used by professional carpet cleaners to remove dirt and grime from the fibers. Regular vacuuming can help reduce the amount of dirt and grime in your carpet.

2. Helps create a healthier environment
Clean carpets will help to create a healthy environment that is free from allergens
The carpet fibers can trap dust and allergens which may get into the airways. This could lead to respiratory problems and allergic reactions. These allergens are eliminated by the high temperatures used by carpet cleaners.

3. Complete elimination of bacteria and dirt
Although it is easier to vacuum your home than hiring a professional carpet cleaner, a vacuum can only remove the surface dirt. Until professional treatment, any debris embedded in the fibers of your carpet will remain there.
This will lead to excessive wear on the fibers and a faster rate of deterioration. Carpets can also be contaminated with bacteria, which can make it harder to breathe for people suffering from asthma and allergies.

4. Removes Carpet Stains
Professional carpet cleaners can also remove stubborn stains. Professional carpet cleaners can remove all types of stains using hot water extraction.
Carpet cleaning can remove tough stains such as wine, ink, and pet stains.
Coffee spills
Dirt and mud
Pet stains
Red wine
You don’t need to be embarrassed or worried about carpet cleaning after a professional has done the job.

5. No Residues
Some carpet cleaners leave behind residues even though vacuums aren’t capable of leaving them. They can leave behind some of the cleaning solution if the products or equipment are inefficient or less expensive.
Cleaning professionals use modern equipment and commercial cleaning products to restore carpeting in a like new condition. To achieve the best results, they use hot water extraction to clean the fibers of the carpet.

6. Traffic Lane Effects
Carpet cleaning reduces the impact of traffic lanes and extends its life expectancy in high-traffic areas.
Carpeting in areas that are exposed to a lot of foot traffic (e.g. hallways, living rooms and kitchens) will show signs of wear much quicker than carpeting under or in bedrooms. These areas receive dirt more often than others, which may explain why you might notice that some areas are darker than others.
Carpet cleanings have the advantage of removing dirt and slowing down traffic lanes effects. The carpet’s dark spots will be removed, and the fibers restored.

7. Improves the overall appearance of the room
Did you know that carpeting is the biggest furnishing item in a room? It also receives the most usage. Although it makes sense, not many people think about how much dirt they are tracking every day.
Although it may not be obvious at first, carpets can become stained and worn over time. Carpet cleaning professionals can not only keep the fibers looking brand new, but also improve the room’s aesthetics.

How to Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service
You can improve the appearance and durability of your carpet by having it professionally cleaned every year. Spring is the best time to have your carpet professionally cleaned.
To schedule an appointment to have your carpets professionally cleaned, contact Carpet Cleaning Redmond Oregon today!

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